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Comic for Sunday , August 3 , 2003

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August 3, 2003

It is with pride, regret, and some relief, that I announce that this really is


of What Is Roleplaying? For a number of reasons, I've decided to stop with the end of this story arc. What it boils down to is that this is starting to feel like work instead of a hobby, which means it's time to quit. At least for a while.

It's been fun and educational, and maybe someday I'll try it again. But for now, I'm going to say goodbye, and much thanks to all my readers.

Before I go, a few credits and acknowledgements:

Thanks, first, to the admins at Keenspace for hooking me up with some server space. You guys are underappreciated and overworked, and I for one am grateful for your efforts.

Thanks to my good buddy Tom for letting me borrow Mad Dog. Also thanks to the rest of the gang - Ken for rules obsession, Dave for creative use of character points, James for tossing potent magical artifacts into the sun, and Jason for providing most of the inspiration for Sonja (and in case you haven't guessed yet where I got Sonja's name, it shouldn't take you more than thirty seconds with a pencil...)

Thanks to the gang over at New Generation Comics for making me feel as if I was part of a community, rather than just a lone would-be comic artist.

Thanks to Mark Evan Jones over at Once Upon A Table for plenty of chuckles and for keeping me on track ("If he can do five color comics a week, I can at least do one lousy black-and-white comic on Sundays...").

And as always, thank you, Mary Lynn - for Leana, for encouragement, for tolerance, for inspiration, and most of all, for brushing up against me in a tavern one fateful night.

So long!


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